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Welcome to the Tulare County General Plan Website!

Adopted Tulare County General Plan 2030
On Aug. 28, the Tulare County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to approve the Tulare County General Plan 2030 Update. In addition, the Supervisors certified the Final Environmental Impact Report and adopted a Climate Action Plan, a document that outlines how to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions as new development occurs.

On behalf of the Board of Supervisors, "I would like to thank staff for years of hard work and dedication," said Allen Ishida, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. "I would also like to thank the residents who participated in the process, especially those who were opposed to the County's General Plan Update. They were instrumental in helping the County formulate a sound and good General Plan Update."

The Tulare County General Plan 2030 Update provides a comprehensive, long-term plan for the future land use and physical development of the County though the year 2030. The Plan promotes healthy sustainable growth while protecting agricultural lands by directing growth to urban areas. The General Plan Update consists of policies that set forth objectives, principles and standards that guide future land use decisions within the County.

Tulare County Resource Management Agency staff has been working on the General Plan Update since 2003. During the update process a series of 19 workshops, 11 Board of Supervisors meetings, 12 technical advisory committee meetings and four joint Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission meetings were held to discuss, review, recommend and provide public input.

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Adopted Tulare County General Plan Materials

Part I Voluntary Elements Chapters 6, 12 and 15

Part III Community Plans 1 of 7

Part III County Adopted City Plans 3 of 7

Part III County Adopted City Plans 4 of 7

Mitigating, Monitoring and Reporting Program

Board of Supervisors Materials

BOS Agenda Items - Public Hearing August, 28 2012
Attachment B. GPU As Modified
Exhibit 1. GPU As Modified
Attachment C. CAP
Exhibit 1. Climate Action Plan
Attachment F. Copy of Public Notice
Attachment G. Public Comment, Staff Matrix, and Responses
Item 1. BOS Final EIR Minor Chg Matrix
Item 2. Comments After Close of CEQA
Item 3. Resp to Cmts aft close CEQA CP
Item 4. GPU AMUS
  01 - GPR Cover 2012.ppt
  02-fly sheet-cover page Aug 2012.pdf
  03-Table of Contents_ Aug 2012.pdf
  04-Part I-cover sheet.pdf
  05-CHP 1-Introduction.pdf
  06-Comp A. General Plan Framework.pdf
  07-Chp 2_Planning Framework.pdf
  08-Component B-Prosperity.pdf
  09-CHP 3-Agriculture.pdf
  10-CHP 4-Land Use.pdf
  10-Page 4-5 (FOLD OUT) 1-Planning Area.PDF
  11-CHP 5-Economic Development.pdf
  12-CHP 6-Housing.pdf
  13-Component C-Enviornment.pdf
  14-CHP 7-Scenic Landscapes.pdf
  15-CHP 8-ERME.pdf
  15-Fig 8-1Plan for Open Space.pdf
  16-CHP 9-Air Quality.pdf
  17-CHP 10 Health & Safety.pdf
  17-Fig 10-1_flood-hazards-faults.pdf
  17-Fig 10-2_fire-threat.pdf
  17-Fig 10-3_1 Designated Floodway.pdf
  17-Fig 10-3_grnd-shaking-lndsld-potent.PDF
  17-Fig 10-4_grnd-shaking-lndsld-potent.PDF
  17-Fig 10-5_Seismic_Geologic.pdf
  18-CHP 11-Water Resources.pdf
  19-CHP 12-ACFP.pdf
  20-COMPONENT D -Infrastructure.pdf
  21-CHP 13-Transporation & Circulation.pdf
  22-CHP 14-Public Facilites and Services.pdf
  23-CHP 15-Flood Control Master Plan.pdf
  24-Part II-cover sheet.pdf
  26-Part II CHP 2-Corridor Framework.pdf
  27-Part II CHP 3-Foothill Growth Mgmt.pdf
  28-Part II CHP 4-Mountain Framwork Plan.pdf
  29-Part III-cover sheet.pdf
  30-Appendix A-cover sheet.pdf
  31-Policies by Alpha Subject-Appendix A.pdf
  32-Appendix B-cover sheet.pdf
  34-Appendix C-cover sheet.pdf
  35-Goals & Policies Acroynms-Appendix C.pdf
  Tulare County Staff Fly sheet May 2012.pdf

BOS Agenda Items - Public Hearing Meeting August, 28 2012

Resolution No. 2012-0696 (FEIR)

BOS Transcripts August 28 2012

Aaron Bock
Assistant RMA Director - Economic Development & Planning
Tulare County Resource Management Agency
5961 S. Mooney Blvd.
Visalia, CA 93277

Phone: (559) 624-7000
Fax: (559) 730-2653

General Plan Library

Looking for a list of past meetings, a report, meeting agendas and minutes, or a map?  Available General Plan materials can be found by clicking on the "GP Library" button. This includes the September 2011 Proposed Final Environmental Impact Report, March 2010 General Plan Background, Media Release, and Comments, February 2010 Public Draft General Plan 2030 Update, Recirculated DEIR Impact Report, Background and Climate Action Plan and January 2008 release of the General Plan Update, DEIR and Comments received.

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