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Comments on the Tulare County General Plan and Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report.
The following documents are comments for the Tulare County General Plan 2030 Update and Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report.

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  Comment Summary Index June 2, 2010.pdf
   Chevron, April 9, 2010.pdf
   Strange April, 14, 2010.pdf
   Army Corp of Eng ., April 19, 2010.pdf
   Chevron, April 21, 2010.pdf
   Clum, April 26, 2010.pdf
   Cal Energy Com, April 20, 2010.pdf
   Kings Canyon School District, May 3, 2010.pdf
   Cal Native Plant Society, May 5, 2010.pdf
   Clum, May 5, 2010.pdf
   Ca PUC, May 5, 2010.pdf
   Department of Conservation, May 12, 2010.pdf
   Krase, May 13, 2010.pdf
   Strange, May 15, 2010.pdf
   OPR, May 11, 2010.pdf
   OPR, May 13, 2010.pdf
   Caltrans, May 18, 2010.pdf
   Edgar, PENA w AppendiciesMay 26, 2010.pdf
   BHA, May 26, 2010.pdf
   Sierra Club, May 26, 2010.pdf
   Amercian Farmland Trust, May 27, 2010.pdf
   Attorney General, May 27, 2010.pdf
   Bodner, May 27, 2010.pdf
   Campe, May 27, 2010.pdf
   CRPE, May 27, 2010.pdf
   CBD, CRPE, CWC, RLAF, May 27, 2010.pdf
   Council of Cities with Appendicies, May 27, 2010.pdf
   City of Farmersville, May 27, 2010.pdf
   Manro, May 27, 2010.pdf
   SJVAPCD, May 27, 2010.pdf
   J Seligman, May 27, 2010.pdf
   SSAS, May 27, 2010.pdf
   Schwaller, May 27, 2010.pdf
   TCCRG, May 27, 2010.pdf
   City of Visalia, May 27, 2010.pdf
   City of Woodlake, May 27, 2010.pdf
   Wuksachi, May 27, 2010.pdf
   Fry, May 27, 2010.pdf
   City of Porterville, May, 27, 2010.pdf
   City of Tulare, May 27, 2010.pdf
   City of Dinuba, May 27, 2010.pdf
   Brunner, May 28, 2010.pdf
   K. Seligman, May 28, 2010.pdf
   SequoiaRiverLandsTrust, June 2, 2010.pdf
   Farm Bureau, June 7, 2010.pdf
  Combined Letters Chapt3.pdf